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A Face with the Name: TMS in 2021


TMS Subservicing was founded with a singular purpose: to help Grow Happiness in everyone we impact — customers, clients, and team members alike. Given that the subservicing world had never been known as a place for compassion and care, you might say that happiness was and is our market niche. Based on performance, that niche has been a great place to be.

We first got into subservicing in 2014. By the end of 2020, a year of uncertainty dominated by the COVID crisis, we posted some of our best-ever numbers and had become one of the nation’s Top 10 subservicers by volume.

In other words, we had become a name.

But a name on its own is just that — words on a page. In 2021, our goal was to put a face with the name, to introduce the world to the great people and great tech that fuel our success. Along with continuing to provide industry-leading service (to the tune of a 99% customer satisfaction rate), TMS racked up awards, profiles, podcast features, self-authored articles, and more.

2020 was a challenging year, and 2021 proved the same. The continually evolving dynamics of covid on business operations combined with all the changing regulations have kept all of us on our toes. But just like in 2020, TMS stayed laser-focused on what matters: helping Grow Happiness and showing the mortgage industry why they should expect nothing less from their subservicers.


Some of TMS’s Brightest Faces

One of TMS’s four Core Values is People Matter. We continually invest in our team members first. When we empower our team members it translates into meaningful assistance and a great customer experience. It matters to us that our customers keep roofs over their heads, that our clients have healthy bottom lines, and that our team members know how much we care about them. Happy people are the essence of good business.

This year, several of TMS’s team members received recognition for the happiness they spread. HousingWire named Anthony Forsberg, EVP, Default Servicing, a 2021 HousingWire Insider for being “essential to growing staff, adapting to the latest changes in regulation and so much more.”

HousingWire also singled out Linda Case, SVP, Loan Administration, in their 2021 Women of Influence list, for “shattering glass ceilings and leaving a legacy for years to come.”

Finally, National Mortgage Professional put VP, Loan Administration JoAnne Gonzalez on their 40 Under 40, 2021 list. “Never be the hoarder of what you have learned,” Gonzalez told NPM. “Share the information that you learn with others to help them strengthen and grow.”

While we are immensely proud of these three individuals, they’re only a fraction of the human force that makes TMS thrive. That’s why we put a spotlight on CAREologists — our fleet of customer care reps who specialize in smile-inducing service. “I truly love it here,” said Jenny Vu, in a one-on-one interview. “I feel warm and welcomed every day.”


TMS in the News

When you hit the Top 10, people start to take notice. DSNews, the homepage of the servicing industry, gave us a full page in their May edition, titled “The Top 10 Subservicer You’ll Want to Get to Know” (page 21). In September, as homeowners began to exit pandemic-era forbearances, they gave us another page (31 this time). In it, we outlined our Culture of Care, the way we use compliance as the backbone of our business — not the adversary it becomes in some organizations.

In 2021, compliance became an especially important topic. It always is, but especially given the CFPB’s crackdown on mortgage servicers, compliance mattered that much more this year. In 2020, the CFPB loosened compliance guidelines while homeowners recovered from the economic downturn. As a result, many subservicers took their eye off the compliance ball, operating at less than stellar levels. We never did.

Then, with a new Presidential administration at the helm, those restrictions tightened right back up again. In our June whitepaper, “The CFPB has mortgage servicers in its crosshairs – is your subservicer compliant?”, published in HousingWire, we dived deep into this dynamic. Even in 2020, we never loosened our internal compliance guidelines — and we never would.

Because we pride ourselves on thought leadership, we’re always publishing content about industry trends in our Sub Hub. A few of our leaders — Jason Kwasny, Anthony Forsberg, and Shanya Arrington — also made podcast appearances to share their insights with the world.


Values & Vision

To cap it all off, we made our first-ever brand video, emphasizing the values that underlie everything we do, and the people who make us who we are. While TMS’s position in the industry has changed, our values haven’t — they’re the same Core Values that defined our approach back in 2014, and that will continue to define us as long as we’re in the game.

Our vision was — and is — for subservicing to be a source of happiness. Happiness is an intangible thing, but there are a few key statistics that lead us to believe we’re on the right track:

  • 99% customer satisfaction rate
  • 92% first-call resolution
  • 82% Net Promoter Score
  • 70% of customers using self-service options
  • <1 min call wait times

2021 was an invigorating year. To every single person who made it a great one, thank you. To everyone who’s settling for something less than happiness from their subservicer, maybe it’s time to make a switch. What better mortgage-themed new year’s resolution is there? Here’s to continued happiness in 2022!

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December 28, 2021