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Certified Fresh: How Our Core Values Drove Success in 2022

Over the past several years, the world has shaped and reshaped itself more times than we can count. From resurgent inflation to geopolitical uncertainty to markets that can’t seem to make up their minds, people and businesses have been challenged to adapt again and again.

As the calendar flips to 2023, we are proud to say we had another strong year. The truth is that tumultuous years test business fundamentals: those with sturdy foundations survive; those with shaky foundations struggle. Bolstered by the core values that make us who we are-People Matter, Rock Solid Service, Strength of Character, and Inspiring Leadership, we were confident that our business would survive this trial.

Key Stats:

  • 98.4% customer satisfaction rate (we’re coming for you, 100%)
  • 90.4% first-call resolution rate
  • 82.7% Net Promoter Score
  • 70% of customers using self-service options
  • <1 min call wait times (average speed to answer: 35 seconds)
  • 350k+ loans in our portfolio
  • 220+ hours of customer care training

In one sense, the numbers are what matter. We can talk about why we do what we do all day, but if the statistics aren’t there, no amount of talk can change that. But in another, much realer sense, the numbers are the result of a philosophy, a philosophy that came out of our own experiences with subservicers years ago, and that has remained true to this day.

Here are the pillars of that philosophy.

People Matter and Rock Solid Service

We’ve long posted high customer satisfaction rates, including 98% in 2020, the year of Covid at its worst. This stems from our core value that People Matter. All of what we do is about growing happiness, and happiness lives not in machines, but in people.

So, we weren’t satisfied with 98%, and we won’t be satisfied until we get to 100% (even then, we won’t be satisfied until we sustain 100% year after year). Regardless of how healthy our statistics are, true happiness is the result of an ongoing relationship: trust between us, customers, and clients, founded on transparency and care.

It’s why we have created a culture that puts our people and our customers at the center of all decision making. It’s why we keep investing hundreds of hours of training per year for each and every Careologist. It’s why we keep call wait times low. It’s why we resolve our customers’ questions and issues on the first call. It’s why we operate with full transparency and provide round-the-clock availability for clients. We exist to grow the happiness that our customers and clients deserve.

Certified Fresh

We also racked up and sustained a number of certifications in 2022:

  • Fitch Rated — Fitch rates the viability of an investment against its probability of default. It’s effectively a barometer for how responsible an institution is with the loans in its portfolio, something we believe all of our clients deserve to know.
  • FNMA STAR — The STAR program measures how well FNMA servicers adhere to FNMA’s high standards of service. This is one we’ve had before, and we netted it again.
  • KBRA Rated — Another credit score measure for institutions like us, another one we display proudly.
  • ACUMA Affiliate Member — ACUMA is a network of credit unions devoted to making the space more responsible and efficacious. We’re proud to work with ACUMA to raise the standard for home loans.
  • NCSHA Affiliate Member — NCSHA is a leading advocate for affordable housing, a necessary presence in the real estate world right now.
  • NALHFA Member — Likewise, NALHFA works with D.C. regulators to advance affordable housing legislation across the nation.

Overall, these certifications represent our commitment to being a good citizen in our space. They tie to two of our other core values, representing Strength of Character at an organizational level, and allowing us to deliver Inspiring Leadership within TMS and throughout the industry. Excelling at your own craft is one thing; making life better for everyone you impact is quite another.

The National Stage

To cap it all off, TMS is once again a Top 10 Subservicer on a national scale. The rise for us has been rapid: we got into this space under the belief that things could and should be different, that subservicing needed to be a powerhouse, not just a formality.

This is where our innovations have guided the industry. This is where our core values have gotten us. We look forward to another stellar year in 2023, whatever the world decides to throw at us this time. However it goes, we’ll be there for you, same as always.

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January 18, 2023