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When we couldn’t find an exceptional subservicer to partner with, we created one for ourselves. And you.

Back when we were originators, nobody delivered the same outstanding service we provided, and our customers expected. Or had the kind of advanced technology we needed to proactively manage our portfolio, to maximize revenue and build customer relationships. So we built one. That’s how TMS Subservicing was born. And with that, we launched a different kind of company, with a different kind of language, and a different way of doing business. Flash forward six years, and we’re one of the nation’s Top 10 subservicers.

Here’s the difference: TMS Subservicing is built around the idea that we help Grow Happiness – for you, for your borrowers, for us. It’s in the innovative tools we provide, like our award-winning, proprietary SIME servicing portal. It gives you total transparency and 100% access into your portfolio, on-demand. It’s in the customer experience we provide, like making sure your borrower’s questions or issues are resolved on the first call. It’s all about the total Subservisational treatment everyone receives when they have us as a partner.

And you know what it all means? YOU no longer have to settle for the sub-par subservicer you have today.


We love doing what we do. So much so, we decided to get out of originations and totally focus on subservicing. But our originator roots serve you well, because we know what makes you happy, makes your portfolio perform and what turns your customers on. Today, we help Grow Happiness for more than 500,000 borrowers. And we do it with the kind of next-level service and technology that makes sure you have a long-term relationship with those borrowers, so they’re more likely to come back to you for their next loan…and the next one…and the one after that.


 What lender wants to wait weeks to get critical info on a loan; or not be able to access the data they need; or can’t order a payoff demand with ease? None. You need that kind of info and access now. That’s why we invested tens of millions of dollars developing, building and perfecting the proprietary technology we call SIME (Servicing Intelligence Made Easy). It’s an intuitive, revolutionary servicing system built on top of MSP that puts you in command of everything:

  • Get a 360º, 24/7/365, fully-transparent, 100% accessible, on-demand view of your portfolio
  • Get the exact same on-screen view (read only) we have when we’re navigating your account
  • Access complete loan-level detail at the click of a button (not just the scrubbed data others offer)
  • Put raw data right at your fingertips
  • Proactively anticipate and manage DQs
  • Run 90+ standard and customizable reports
  • Gain immediate access to borrower interactions: recorded phone calls, documents mailed, email correspondence; plus, access live data during interactions with your borrowers
  • 4D Customer Intelligence allows you to identify refinancing and new mortgage opportunities
  • Want to see life of loan notes? Order a payoff demand? Get an escrow analysis? More? Done!

With an amazing subservicing platform like SIME, it’s time for you to get SIMEfunkified!

“Servicing is the beginning of sales cycle two. We wanted a subservicer that would allow us to stay proactive and in front of our customers. With SIME technology, it’s easy. There was no other subservicer than TMS Subservicing that put us in the game of sales cycle two.”

–Eddy Perez, CEO EPM

“SIME gives us the ability to see exactly what they’re doing with our borrowers–when are they making calls, when do they start outreach, when do letters go out, when do they broach the subject of loss mitigation? So the SIME system gives us all that. It not only gives us transparency to our borrowers’ portfolio, but it also gives us the ability to see exactly what TMS is doing with our borrowers.” 

–Scott Valletti, VP Homespire

Your borrowers also get to experience the amazing technical side of TMS Subservicing with our Happinest app. With an 82% self-service rate, they can manage all their mortgage business–from making payments, uploading/downloading documents, getting payment notifications–all in the palm of their hand, anytime, anywhere.


In addition to our amazing technology, our people are what make the difference. We’re “people” people. We treat our team right so that the good vibes get passed on to you and your borrowers. From our Pink Unicorn mascot to our indoor wellness park, we do everything we can to make sure our team members are happy. That’s how our CAREologists are able to answer the phone with a smile–and deliver a first call resolution rate of 90% (12-month average of 89% and 91% in March 2021). That, along with the 220+ hours of training they receive. They’re just one of the reasons we’re able to command a 98% customer satisfaction rate.

“TMS is different than the other subservicers I’ve worked with. They are more collaborative. They understand the Summit Funding Way of treating our clients. For us, just having that continuity of high touch and high level of customer service is really important. It’s a big reason we chose TMS.”

–Mary Bolar, Director of Mortgage Servicing, Summit Funding

With TMS Subservicing, you’ll be assigned a Client Manager. They are your point-person; your single point of contact to make things easy. They’re the ones who make sure you receive answers to your questions on the same day in over 50% of the cases, but within an average of 6 days.


We invite you to compare us to your current subservicer. In fact, compare us to any subservicer out there by taking our Subservicer Health Check. There is no one else quite like TMS Subservicing. We built it that way. You’ve got everything you need right here–Fannie, Freddie, Ginnie, Fitch Rating, FNMA Star, conventional loans, FHA loans, VA loans, highest standards of compliance–all delivered with proven, exceptional service. That’s the way we help Grow Happiness. Saying we bend over backwards for you and your borrowers is an understatement. In fact, the only way to really describe the feeling of what we bring to subservicing, is pure Joyitude.

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May 7, 2021