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2021: A Look Back and a Leap Forward

In the face of another challenging year, TMS remained steadfast in our mission to Grow Happiness. We have much to celebrate and while we are more than ready to leap into 2022, we believe it’s important to look back and see what we achieved. Here are some highlights that made 2021 a year of happiness!

  • Top 10 subservicer with 400,000+ borrowers and 60+ clients
  • 99% customer satisfaction rate
  • 83% industry-leading Net Prompter Score (NPS)
  • 91% first-call resolution rate
  • <1 min average call wait time
  • 399bps lower FHA delinquency than the total FHA market
  • Rated as one of the Best Places to Work by the Phoenix Business Journal
  • Fitch Rated
  • FNMA Star

Beyond our achievements, in 2021 we evolved and adapted, but always remained committed to our Core Values; People Matter., Inspiring Leadership, Strength of Character, and Rock-Solid Service.

At the forefront of our mission, our most important core value is People Matter.
Our team of CAREologists are why we are a leader in positive customer experience time and time again. We had a 99% customer satisfaction rate because our caring team of customer service representatives continued to provide extraordinary service with each call. Even as we continued to expand our self-service options with our leading proprietary servicing ecosystem, SIME (Servicing Intelligence Made Easy), we still kept the human element front and center by enriching our team. By continuing to invest in their growth and success; through company culture, personalized relationships, and an inspiring work environment, we ensure that CAREologists’ lives in and out of TMS are as happy as possible. And when our people smile, they deliver smiles to our client’s customers.

Our Stellar Leadership Inspired
We know the satisfaction of our customers directly relates to the happiness of our team members. Leadership worked diligently to create positive and inspiring work environments for our people, while adapting to challenges of the pandemic. Our leaders kept a cohesive hub of happiness for our people and our clients through leading by example and fostering a culture of high performance, transparency, and accountability.

Strength of Character
Can there be a successful team without strength of character? Having strength of character means we hold one another accountable regardless of position or rank. With the ever-changing landscape of the subservicing industry, we must hold ourselves to a higher standard and that requires character at all levels. TMS will continue to raise the bar by recruiting team members whose personal values of integrity, work ethic, transparency, and commitment to success as a team match the TMS vision.

Our Dedication to Rock Solid Service
We excelled once again and raised the bar and set ourselves apart from the rest in the subservicing industry through our commitment to quality, competence, consistency, and kindness. In 2021, along with the exceptional customer service already outlined, TMS helped those customers impacted by COVID exit their forbearances timely with a streamlined loss mitigation processes and proactive outreach. Through the use of frequent wellness checks, thorough education, customer specific notifications, and overall compassion, we provide the relief and service that our customers needed. We continued to roll out several new self-service options, including our post-forbearance workout option evaluation tool, to make things even more convenient. It’s rock-solid service like this that we are proud to deliver for our clients and customers knowing they deserve nothing less.

Compliance is a big deal.
Since our inception, compliance has been key area of focus. We’ve developed–and adhered to–the strictest of protocols. Because a culture of compliance runs deep in our DNA, we don’t cut any legal corners and there’s no such thing as sidestepping guidelines here, and every team member has the power and obligation to “stop the conveyor belt” if they see something amiss. We know that if we don’t provide a compliant foundation, it compromises every part of our mission. We ensure compliance through our three lines of defense: Internal Audit, Risk Management, and Testing and Controls. All three lines work in unison with each other and collaboratively across our entire business ensuring that we are always doing the right things at the right times for our customers and clients

In 2022, we will continue to grow happiness by living our core values and delivering the best-in-class experience for our customers and clients. We will continue to show up, step up, and rise to every challenge along the way. The future is bright, and we are just getting started.

Don’t settle for subpar subservicing, make the switch to TMS.

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January 13, 2022